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This post was originally published on my other blog, Hobgoblins, Mukluks & Other Such Nonesuch, my writing blog, but then I realized it should be here on my Tales of Hearth and Home instead. As this post was originally published almost a month ago, there have been many changes to the yard in that time so be prepared for an updated post on this some time soon! But now you know why patterns are on sale as I have recently discovered that changing a yard this size costs a lot of money.  I have also been knitting and a new pattern is in the test stages. Pictures and post to come on that project shortly…

Lately, the busyness of owning a house has taken over; particularly the yard. I haven’t really blogged about the foray into home ownership at all here, but back on the eve of the new year, we found a house that we just immediately fell in love with. By that time in the process, we had become very jaded. We had spent 6 months in a short sale that ultimately fell apart and when we walked into this house, it was like a breath of fresh air (only, it wasn’t very fresh air as the woman who lived in this house had 8 ferrets, a couple guinea pigs, a couple cats, a dog, some fish and turtles living in the bathtub). But the house was in decent condition for all this and even though it is tremendously outdated, it also has lots and lots of quirky charm that we love.

So anyway, we officially acquired ownership of our humble abode at the beginning of March (actually, the end of February, but she had 2 weeks to get all of her stuff together and a new place to live so I say March) and after an insane week and a half of ripping off paneling, painting, refinishing hardwood floors and tearing off faux brick, we moved in.

But we still had this to deal with.

The yard. So much stuff and pretty much all of it trash. It was really ridiculous. And this picture does not do it justice. Someday, I will print up the yard pictures into a big I-Spy poster for the kids. That is how bad it was. We rented a dumpster and had at it, emptying the yard of all of its trashy glory, getting rid of the pool and the deck and generally beginning the process of making it ours.

Now that the weather has turned to Spring though, it was time to really get into the yard. I tore down the pond. I rebuilt it as an herb planter. I found out that the little hill next to the pond-turned-planter was not a hill at all, but a lot of buried rock. So I dug it out. The back garden was all raspberries. I have nothing against raspberries. I think they are rather tasty, but I desired a tasty vegetable garden instead. As it turned out that was probably a good idea as her idea of composting was to take the mess from the ferret cages and just dump it on top of years of leaves that had never been raked up. There was also a lot of buried trash in that back garden as well. I still have a lot of work to do back there as I preemptively bought tomato plants that then needed to get in the ground. So half of it is cleared out and planted, the other half still needs some lovin’.

As of now, my yard looks like this.

See that pile of stone over there? That is the area where there was ratty old outdoor carpeting that we pulled up which left us with a nice patch of dirt that will someday become a patio with all of the stone that we have lying around the yard. It used to look like this:

And in the middle where the pool used to be? That needs dirt ordered so that we can actually plant grass there instead of having a sand pit.

I love this house, I really do. I love my yard. I love that it is big and that eventually we can move the fence line up on the side of the house to make the yard and patio area even bigger. But right now, it seems as if I have no time to write or look for jobs so that I can actually make some money for our lovely money pit. And that is my current dilemma. Discovering the balance of time in order to get everything done and still be able to do all of the things that I have to do and love to do. We have been in this house just shy of 2 months. That is not a lot of time. And what we have accomplished has been awesome. But some days I need to just sit in front of my computer and work. And write. And remember that my work is very important to our future.

And that way, I can ignore the basement.


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