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Welcome, baby Logan!

Wow.  I’m almost stunned to silence at how quickly the months have passed.  It seems just a moment ago  I still feel like it was just yesterday that I was waddling myself into the hospital.  Minus, of course, about 30 pounds and the need to dress only in stretch-waist pants and a bathrobe.  Now, Chris and I are well into our wedding plans, are house hunting, and least of all our son, Logan Christopher, is already a month and half old!

I’ll tell you, craft projects are highly difficult to do one handed.  However, I’ve still managed to knock out a few pairs of booties, a cardigan, and a couple of hats for my little Smoosh Monster.  Motherhood is… well, it’s an adventure, and I’m just starting out.  Glossing over the umpteen diaper changes, breastfeeding without privacy, sleep-all-day/up-all-night schedule, and occassional inconsolable crying… there is an overwhelming surge of emotion that bubbles to the surface when I get lost in those dark blue eyes of his, something I’ve never felt before- Mommyhood!

And here he is! Logan Christopher, our little Smoosh Monster!  (Thus named for the unmistakable “smooshy face” he makes while sleeping.  It is a fleeting look, however, and has yet to be photographed.)

I couldn’t resist adding the pompom!

Yes, the hat is hand-knit.  As are these…

My sweet babu

Hand-knit hat and booties

I love the owl cables!

I just bought the zipper for his cardigan, and Auntie Jessica knit him an adorable little sweater with the Mario mushroom on the back, and little green turtle buttons- so cute!

I love knitting for my baby, and I can’t wait to show off more of his hand-knit wardrobe!


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