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A Return to Balance

As the cold begins to creep in and the days shorten to make way for long, dark nights, I find that I miss the old constant clicking of my needles and the feel of soft wools running through my fingers. I miss pouring over notes and fragments of patterns, stringing them together to get the sizing and stitches just right. I want to design sweaters and hats and mittens, knitting day and night while I catch up on a sci-fi series or re-watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Once I made the leap from knitter to writer, I threw myself into writing. I spend hours and hours typing away at the computer with instrumental music as my constant companion. But now, I realize that balance is important. I set knitting aside as a hobby that I didn’t have time for instead of realizing that it was a part of my whole, and had become so much more than just a hobby. And I don’t want to ignore that side of me anymore. I want to enjoy the experience, design new patterns and rejoin my fellow knitters as we work through patterns and discuss our love of yarns. I want to balance my love of writing with my love of knitting. In short, I want to do it all. I have a new schedule and a gorgeous new sweater I am working on to the delight of my Whovian daughter. For any of those who know a girl who dreams of adventures with the Doctor and strange trips to distant times and planets, who asks for fish fingers and custard for dinner, who brandishes a sonic screwdriver to fight off Daleks, stay tuned for the forthcoming sweater “The Girl who Waited”. I may not have been waiting for the Doctor to come and whisk me away on adventures (well, not too much anyway), but it has another meaning for me as well as the girl who waited to learn how to balance her life. The sweater is in the test knit phase now and will soon be polished and ready for release, and you won’t have to wait nearly as long as Amy Pond.


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