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News brief first:

On May 6th, my boyfriend Chris and I took a day trip to Chicago and spent the day wandering around Lincoln Park Zoo and Navy Pier.  At sunset, at the end of the pier, Chris knelt before me and proposed, slipped the ring on my finger, and became my loving fiance!  To add to our joys, we are also expecting our first little bundle of joy, due December 14th, 2011.  You all know what that means… BABY KNITTING!  YIPPEE!

On a not-so-joyous note, I did manage to break my foot over the 4th of July weekend, and am in a bright blue cast until the 3rd week of August, which means I spend most of my time sitting with my foot up.  Which also means that I have almost unlimited time for knitting! (minus work and the social events I drag myself to on crutches)

So what’s on the July Christmas knitting list?  Lots of secrets- you know, the pros and cons of having friends and family read your blog is that you can’t reveal the WIPs that are going to be gifts for them…

Enough about things I can’t talk about… let’s talk about things I can’t explain.

We’ve all experienced the mysterious sock thief, that inexplicable disappearance of a single sock from a pair.  The theft always occurs in the hour or so between loading the wet clothes into the dryer, and folding them after they’ve been dried and fluffed, with the lingering hope that those warm, spring scented articles will fill drawers and closets.  Yet, inevitably, one sock will appear, stricken with grief at the loss of its mate, never to be seen again.  It’s a mystery that seems fated to remain that- a complete mystery.  But what of the other thefts?  Car keys, sunglasses, favorite ink pens… where do these items wind up?  Who steals them?  I, for one, think it’s the Brownies.  Those impish little elves that make their homes in the forgotten in-between places of our houses- they, I think, are the ones who sneak in and grab our misplaced things and make them their own, turning keys and bits of string and pencils into whatever they can create. Socks, for one, provide the perfect sheet of fabric for clothing, bedding, curtains… At least, that’s what I imagine.

The mystery that I would like explained now is what of missing knitting projects?  Who steals the half-knit stocking, the unfinished book cover, the barely begun sweater?  I’m miffed.  I was at least 6 inches into the back piece for my brother’s aran sweater.  Progress was good, I was finishing at least an inch a day and was well on my way to finishing it in time for St. Patrick’s day.  And suddenly, without warning, it was gone.  The entire 6 inches of knitting, and the US8 circulars I was using, disappeared.  I looked in all of my bags, anything with yarn in it. I pulled out the boxes of stashed yarn with layers of dust on them, dug through bags of old projects and searched every inch of my bedroom, and the craft drawers.  Nothing.  No sign of it.  I asked my sister, thinking perhaps I brought it there and forgot to put it in my bag when I left.  Nothing amidst her piles of yarn either.  I asked my brother, remembering that I had been working on it on his couch in the winter, and maybe somehow one of the nieces carried it away to “help”.  Nothing.  It just vanished. What yarn thief is so desperate for Malabrigo Twist that they’d steal the knitting from the needles? AND the needles to boot?!  I was so devastated at the loss of my WIP that I stopped knitting completely.  (This, of course, had nothing to do with getting engaged, my brother’s wedding, or finding out that I was pregnant.)

I was distraught.  Then, to add insult to injury, when I had finally completed the appropriate mourning period for lost projects, I decided it was time to cast on.  I went back to the bag, pulled out a new skein of Twist, and found another set of needles.  But the thief had not been content with just stealing the project.  Oh no, he had to go so far as to steal the PATTERN as well!  Stuck, knitting lost, pattern missing, and the impossible task of finding where on my computer I had saved it ahead of me, I felt completely beaten.

It’s been nearly 4 months since the incident and I’ve recovered somewhat.  I have managed to find the pattern and print a new copy, sans-notes, and have cast on again.  I still wonder, though, where that knitting is now, if it’s been treated with care, even finished perhaps, and is living as some vest or hat or scarf to be enjoyed by someone else.  I miss it still.  So if you happen to see someone with an unfinished sweater back on a US8 circular needle, knit in Malabrigo Twist natural, think of me and pray your projects never fall pray to the thievery I have suffered.


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