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Is it Fall yet?

It seems to be a pattern with the two of us to keep posting regularly for a period of time, then quite suddenly quit.  Maybe it’s a seasonal thing?  I’ll blame the summer.   It seems a waste of precious time to sit at home on the computer and type about life and knitting; especially when the weather is so warm that knitting anything, no matter what fiber content, is so far from comfortable that (dare I say it?) I don’t want to knit.

::Pause for gasps and exclamations of horror::

All right, settle down.  I know it’s impossible to even imagine a time when knitting has no part of daily life.  But hey, it happens sometimes!  Life gets in the way.  I have nearly a year of catch-up to play here, so I’ll stick with the basics and then move on the redeeming part of this post.

I spent a few weeks traveling to bring in the new year.  My dear friend Rachel and I flew to Seattle, took a bus to Vancouver, B.C. and spent a week there.  It was an amazing trip and a blurb in a post in no way can do it justice, but suffice it to say I left a piece of my soul in Vancouver.  We then returned to the States for a night and day spent in Portland, OR.   From there I took the red-eye  on a half-day travel excursion that eventually ended in Orlando, FL for a week and 1/2 vacation in Disney World with a small portion of my family.  (Coldest Disney Vacation ever.  32 F, and we still went swimming.)

After traveling across the country, I spent a semester finishing my writing degree, graduated in May, and made the glorious move from my own apartment back into my parent’s house.  They’re so proud.  Summer has been psychotically busy with birthdays, weekend camping trips, graduation parties, job hunting, and puppy training.

I’ll wrap up this post with a self-promoting blurb about a play I wrote coming to the Chicago stage sometime this December (more info to come), and the redeeming mention of cooler weather bringing on the knitting fever again.  I’ll have projects and pictures to post soon, I promise!

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